About Me


About Me


When I was six I started my love of preparing food by watching and helping my mom and aunt put together meals.  It was a good thing too because when my mom became ill a couple of years later it was up to me and my oldest brother to cook for the family.

Hello, my name is Noelle and as you can see I was put in a situation where I needed to learn to cook in a hurry.  I became skilled at cooking very quickly.  I love my family deeply but my dad’s idea of a meal was throwing a few frozen things in the blender and taking vitamins to supplement the entree.  I am happy to say my mother made it through after many years of care and hundreds of prepared meals.  My brother and I took care of the cooking but each of us played a vital role in her recovery.  I would spend most of my free time watching the food network and studying cookbooks.

Later in life, I tried my hand at accounting, online sales, and an in-home daycare.  The accounting and sales didn’t do anything for my cooking but the in-home daycare presented many challenges that forced me to think outside the box when putting together dishes quickly for small impatient mouths.  I have put this blog together to showcase some of the recipes I have created and try to let you in on cooking tips that I have found helpful in making tasty, nutritious meals that people will ask for again and again.

About Me

My family and I are still very close and it seems to be growing.  I have been married for four yeas to my husband, David, who I met through our church.  Well… if we go back to the first time we meet, it was actually when I was very young and my parents bought his parents’ home (pretty crazy huh).  To be honest, no sparks flew at that point but 17 years later they did.  I love him bunches and as he says “You love to cook and I love to eat, we were meant for each other.”

About Me
Sweet Lilly

In addition to feeding my husband, we also have a 100bs. Doberman Pincer/German Shepard mix named Lilly who looks like a horse and eats like one too.  We rescued her from a shelter a couple years ago, and I can’t imagine life without her.  She is so sweet with her big brown eyes but is always on the lookout for anything suspicious.  Keep your eyes out as Lilly may make a few featured visits to the blog.


One of my brothers also got married and had a beautiful girl.  She is now 4y/o and I am trying to teach her the ways of the kitchen as I learned.

I am inviting you to be a part of my unfoldment as I share my years of experience through pictures and text (and video coming soon!).  Blogging is a new world for me but I know that if I keep pushing forward as I’ve always done, results are inevitable.  Oh, by the way, I may have been exaggerating when I talked about my dad’s cooking earlier.  He can make a meal but It’s nothing to blog about!

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