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Stuffed Mushroom Flavor Explosion Recipe

Stuffed Mushroom


  • Cooking Skill level: Easy 
  • Cooking time:  30 minutes
  • Taste Impression: The name says it all! They are definitely full throttle flavor.


These are lovely little reminders of the taste of Thanksgiving.  So much so that my husband thinks these are one of my top 10 receipts.  However, this dish didn’t start out this way.  My original receipts would leave the mushroom caps soggy and without flavor.  Something had to be done because I knew they had more potential. I decided to try treating the mushroom cap like they were meat.  I seasoned them, cooked them in butter and joined them with their best friend, garlic.  The stuffed mushroom recipe was born again with new tasty superpowers.  I will never make any stuffed mushrooms again the sorry, soggy, tasteless way.  

This receipt works great as an appetizer or side dish!


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